About Us

Chacha420 Started by Aishwarya Sharma and Shivam Chauhan as a passion project to be more vocal about things that mattered. The idea was to become an apparel brand that became a conversation starter. 
Dec 2021 is when we put our first brick. Before we knew what we wanted, we knew what we did not.
🦹🏼‍♂️ We did not want White-washed content  (Superman, Spiderman, Friends blah blah blah)
💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽 We did not want to conform to binary gender identity 
🤮 Hell no to boring outfits
☠️ Absolute No to meaningless fashion 
⚠️ No way unsustainable packaging

We started with connecting to people who are most likely to benefit from this. We talked with Zoya Lobo (India's first transgender photojournalist). She talked very passionately how brands come to her only during pride months. Which honestly hurt! And that's when we decided our first collection will be Beyond 🌈 Collection. 

Our next goal was to design the collections in the most fun manner, yet very Desi. We worked with Desi artists who are passionate about our vivid curry life and are inclusive in their thoughts.🤩

The journey to build inclusive meaningful brand got us to what we created in our brand

👳🏾‍♀️ Relatable Desi-ness
🌈 Gender Neutrality across the website 
😎 Cool AF designs 
👀 Mix fashion with sensibility (Pay gap, LGBTQ inclusion, climate change etc.)
♻️ 100% recycled packaging and deliberate slow shipping

We are mad happy that it is finally a reality and we have gotten a fantastic response 👀. We've only just started, stay tuned as we grow 🗻 and make some real impact💪🏽