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Development of hemp clothing is new green low-carbon life

Why Hemp is widely used in garment industry, will bring us more green low-carbon life?

There are three reasons, first of all: in the cultivation of hemp stage without the use of chemical fertilizers, the absorption of heavy metals in contaminated environments, suitable for planting on hillsides, wasteland and saline, etc., not with grain, cotton, oil struggle for land. With the general textile raw materials, such as cotton, compared hemp from planting to harvest, their carbon hemp fabric capacity is 1 times more than cotton, while carbon dioxide emissions is less than one-third of cotton, synthetic fiber production of carbon dioxide emissions than natural fiber 10-20 times higher. Although the growth of cotton to absorb carbon dioxide, but in the plantation management process, mechanical operations, and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the whole process of carbon dioxide emissions to the environment to be more absorbent than cotton.

Secondly: hemp production process, the overall industrial processes with no water, use non-toxic dyes, the destruction of the environment to a minimum, a very environmentally friendly low-carbon ring. In big huge environmental problems facing the world today, in the clothing industry, should be greater use of environmentally friendly materials, and low-carbon industrial processing technology, China hemp in such a global environmental problem, the contribution of thousands of years of culture and wisdom.

Finally: hemp clothing produced far less than the number of washing clothing other materials, which means less detergent, laundry detergent to use. Although phosphorus washing powder, laundry detergent phosphorus itself has no harm, but washing sewage discharged into rivers and lakes to go after, so that the water rises phosphorus, water eutrophication, resulting in a variety of crazy breed algae, aquatic plants blooms these water after biological death of corruption, will release methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other odorous large amounts of toxic gases, to make the water muddy smelly, water oxygen, water, fish, shrimp, shellfish and other aquatic organisms were all dead, so that rivers and lakes become into stagnant water, seriously affect the surrounding environment.

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