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Curious Case of CBD Oil

Hemp oil is derived by pressing hemp seeds. Cannabis plants are known to contain a large amount of different compounds, known as cannabinoids. The hemp plant is different from the marijuana plant as far as genetics is concerned. However, both plants contain more than 60 of these cannabinoids. Hemp oil doesn’t produce the high effect as you would associate with smoking the pot. This is mainly because it doesn’t a cannabinoid known as THC. In fact, hemp contains another compound known as CBD, which is famed for its therapeutic benefit. According to many studies, marijuana contains less of CBD and more of THC, which is just the opposite for the hemp plant.

Why is hemp oil so popular?

Many studies and research reports have indicated that hemp seed oil might be useful for preventing some of the common diseases, including heart conditions. One study even indicated that hemp seed oil might have some role in preventing heart attacks. It contains a number of organic compounds known as sterols, which help in lowering cholesterol levels. Hemp oil is also rich in gamma linolenic acid, which can help in restoring hormonal balance and might be useful for women, who suffer from PMS and menopausal symptoms. With the perfect balance of Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids and ceramides, hemp oil is great for the skin and hair, and it has been considered for many beauty treatments. Researchers believe that it might have a role in boosting the immune system too. Not to forget, hemp oil is extremely great for organic pain relief. If you have considerable chronic pain, this might be one of the effective solutions you are looking for.

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